31. Slashers, Katarina Leigh Waters Interview, I Was A Teenage Suicide

Hey Creeper Crew! Tonight, we have a super fun episode! A new segment on the show, Movie of the Week! What will the movie of the week be? Could it be The Prowler? Blood Theater? Nail Gun Massacre? Terror at Tenkiller? Humungous? Final Exam? Monster Zero? Rodan? Side Effects? The Last Exorcism 2? It could be any of them!

Plus Creep interviews actress, director, producer, former WWE / TNA wrestling champion and host of Scorpion Releasing’s Katarina’s Nightmare Theater, Katarina Leigh Waters! Finally we hear about the making of Creep’s film I Was A Teenage Suicide!

Updates on Frankenstein’s Bride, Satanicus, Creeps Show, Slasherton, Creepersin Go Home, MKC and more!!!

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