Creepersincast Episode 3 Werewolves, M.U.C.S.L.E.s & Kinnukiman

Creepersincast Episode 3 is here! Join me, Creep Creepersin as i chat with producer Joe Crandall about werewolf films, M.U.S.C.L.E. men, Kinnukiman and the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV as well as moving towards Wrestlemania! Also in this episode…

We pick a title to the untitled werewolf film that Joe is producing and I’m directing that stars Mindy Robinson, Rachel Grubb and Sarah French!

We pick a winner in the Frankenstein Fatal Four-way match to see who will face the Boris Karloff Mummy in the quarterfinals of Monster Bowl, and see who is in the match for the werewolf qualifier.

We will also here the WORLD PREMIERE of the new track Dead in Omaha off of the upcoming album CREEPERSIN GO HOME!

We spotlight Murderous Assholes which will star Charlie Vaughn from the Revenge of awesome! find out more at

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Keep it creepy!