CreepersinCast Epsiode 17: My Top 10 Horror Comedies, Dawna Lee Heising, Blood Lust Romance and Ding Dong Dead

Action packed Creeper Crew! That’s what this show is! We go over my top ten horror comedies of all time, we interview actress Dawna Lee Heising who has starred in my films Finger Bang, Fork You, Awesome Girl Gang Street Fighter and Dracula as well as being in Blade Runner, Big Trouble in Little China, Fantasy Island, Magnum P.I. and countless other films and television shows! We are joined by the Might Poopstick as he reviews the film Ooga Booga. I read you a chapter of my book Blood Lust Romance, I talk about the making of one of my favorite films i’ve made, Ding Dong Dead and we listen to a brand new Creepersin track off the upcoming album Creepersin Go Home, Terror Hate! Plus we have the first quaterfinal match of Monsterbowl and we talk Misfits era 2 and my new favorite show, The IT Crowd! WOWOWOWOWOW!

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